Class Description

Obrien Irish Dance School: All-Level Irish Dance Class

Unleash Your Inner Jig!

Dance to the heartbeat of Ireland! Whether you’re a beginner stepping onto the dance floor for the first time or an advanced dancer looking to sharpen your skills, our Celtic Rhythms class welcomes all.

Why Obrien?

  1. All-Level Embrace: Our experienced instructors are adept at tailoring the class to accommodate every skill level. Each lesson will be segmented to ensure beginners find their footing, while advanced dancers face challenging moves.
  2. Cultural Immersion: Experience the rich history and passion of Irish dance. Let the soulful tunes and rhythmic beats transport you straight to the Emerald Isle.
  3. Community & Connection: Join a vibrant community of like-minded dancers. Here, every step, jump, and click is a shared moment of joy.
  4. Fitness & Fun Combined: Not only is Irish dancing a delightful way to experience a culture, but it’s also a full-body workout. Boost your cardiovascular health, flexibility, and stamina, all while having a blast!
  5. Performance Opportunities: For those eager to showcase their progress, we offer regular recitals and participation in community events.


Book now to secure your place in the our classes. Let’s create magic on the dance floor, celebrating a dance form that has won hearts across generations.

Dance isn’t just a skill, it’s a story. Come, write yours with us.

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